Are You Sure Your Game Meat Is Safe to Eat? The rabbit was caught munching on my friends garden. Few game species can match the eastern cottontail for fine eating, but before you put that rabbit on the stove, take a minute to inspect it to make sure it’s healthy. It was killed on one of the hottest days of this year so far. By Keith McCafferty. Wild rabbits are plentiful in nature, even overpopulated in many places around the globe. Eating rabbit is as bad as smoking for you in causing cancer and in reducing your lifespan. Rabbit is still consumed in many parts of the world, including the United States. Favorite Answer. Since I don't want to die, I decided to do due diligence and find scientifically if it is safe to eat. My beagle came in last night after catching and slightly ripping apart a wild rabbit. While rabbits do chew the cud, they have paws and not cloven hooves. Nearly 600 others have been euthanized at affected sites that keep rabbits — as pets, or for breeding, meat or pelt — a step the state is requiring to prevent the virus’s spread. Carefully handle raw and frozen meat and poultry products. Because of their large numbers it makes sense that some hunters would like to put the rabbit meat to use rather than letting it go to waste. It was dead and he continued to eat it and I did not know. My friends neighbor convinced him that this rabbit will kill me if I eat it. Rabbit Meat IS an amazing survival food- probably the best survival food- in a personal preparedness situation and I explain why here in Rethinking Rabbit Meat As a Survival Food.You can read both articles to learn about the debate regarding rabbit meat. Various rabbit breeds can be hunted for their meat but the most common species is the eastern cottontail. Rabbits are more social creatures, living in groups or colonies while hares live mostly on their own. 1 decade ago. Don’t rinse raw meat, poultry, fish, and seafood. Always make sure to avoid the common dangers of eating wild game. This species is found in most states whose rabbit hunting seasons lie in the cold months between October to February. I wrote this article but the information in it is incorrect and I apologize. Rabbits Eat Their Own Excrement. What would the dangers be of a dog eating a wild, raw rabbit? Hello and thank you for visiting The Wannabe Homesteader. Tularemia is a disease caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis. Thus, they are defined as unclean in Scripture. Eating Rabbits VS Chicken Dangers of Eating Rabbit Meat. ... Carrie S. Lv 4. Updated: July 19, … Their diets are also rather different, while both rabbits and hares will eat green vegetation like grass and flowers, hares’ diet also includes buds, bark, and twigs. But even the hare’s chewing of … Conclusion. Is that rabbit safe to eat? If Rabbit meat was all that you ate you could develop Protein Toxicity also Called Rabbit Starvation / Caribou Starvation. In fact, just animal protein will do that to you according to study. Therefore, the safest time for one to eat rabbit meat will be during the colder months. Bacteria in the raw juices can splash and spread to other food and surfaces. Humans most commonly become infected through skin contact with infected animals (e.g., rabbits), ticks, deer flies, bites from infected cats, eating improperly cooked meat… We could only Fine one Danger for Eating Rabbit.It is Generally very Healthy for you. If he is not used to eating raw meat and bones he may vomit or have loose stool.