Giant Gloves with no cards, Thighs without upgrades but pretty decent equipment on the rest. Whitesmith, does require runes eventually, but uses same gear (can even use your sword mace) and good at farming. Just read this guide if you need more help on how to get a specific Pet, go for 100% don't waste time gambling You 2 shot both of those bad boys with your sword mace using Investigate. Nice Guide. Look no further, got you covered! Match their weakness (fire for orc, water for horong) to hit for double damage with finger offensive (wont effect investigate). Go for Attack Runes; got gold you want the runes that effect FO, Ignore armor, or increase damage. Then speak with Ayrui (See Above). Pet Adventure ( a main source of the zenny your alts will make), Pet Labour (your source of meatballs & a lot of job potions). You can set your targets to "everything" and generally the spawns on the island are fast enough you'll never get off it and run into a mantis and simply farm dusti and metaller. Hammer Fall Build to One Hit Orcs (For Whitesmith LV 70) - ROM Eternal Love (SEA) Well as an FO Champ you cant really use Steel Body since Steel Body will make it so you cant use FO so yes. I did this. I considered Vadon but I'm not sure for how long I'm staying on the Minorus (or if I should be here at all). Champion (2nd Trans Job) Skill Translation November 25, 2018 November 13, 2018 by Rierin_RO For every spirit sphere, increase skill [Champion – Finger Offensive] physical attack by%. * this is where I am now, breakthrough is going to be getting Finger Offensive to x10 ASAP for the reduced CD, which will increase farming speed. but overall this build used with the Combo-Asura Stat Build will surely own in terms of power. Champion "Auto-combo" Skill - DPS-Combo Guide - Ragnarok Mobile November 21st 2017 patch gives some advantages on DPS-Combo skill build. Kinda sucks because instead of doing other things (quests, progress Ymir) past red CT, I use that time to farm zeny with alts. Since more cost required for Critical build such as AGI/STR/LUK food. I am curious how many comments on Monks on reddit are just reiterations of what people read and not based on experience. I'm already a Chump, what should I spend my BCC on: Valk box? He was a FS Priest that I multiclassed into a Monk (so still Monk at level 77). That 5secs cooldown is meh. With the hell gate and asura strike build, opponents have no chance of surviving when faced with this much power. Nothing after this matters for our farming. A Champion is the Transcendent variant of Monk. That 5 sec cooldown time sucks. Your ultimate guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. If you've got the Teddy shoes, that paired with your blessing should let you run ahead of any packs. Don't bother with Valhalla, just buy the peak shards, you need 81 of them to get from job level 40-70 and you can only buy one a day, you need to start buying them early, you should be able to get 4/5 a week if you do your dailies, Everything that isn't something you need to upgrade your gear or donate to the guild right now, money is tight, and the value of most things is dropping every day. Training Ground - Just buy the instant completion with meatballs, same as rifts but solo, its 5 meatballs and it saves you 10 minutes + finding a group, gives you silver medals. If armor gets a fix in updates to come, things might change. I know that you can reduce the dmg even more, but thats not necessary in most cases. Otherwise, I need zeny to upgrade gear like tights. I had fun reading it. In this case don't bother with Iron First right now, save that till the end. ROM SEA, ROM Global, ROM Europe. A Champion is the Transcendent variant of Monk. Punk (fistable & optional) - These guys are more job, and waaay more base exp, but their drops are trash and they will remind you of North Prontera because its always bursting with people farming. Crit type for leveling. My monk main was dirt poor. Hi, Do you think it's better to multijob as a monk rather than making a new one. I tended to have more money than the crit monks due to being able to fight for spawns better with range & being able to farm more lucrative mobs. Will I lose that if I go full FO? There are a few things you should know about cooking, the rest you can figure out later: leveling up tasting is easy and doesn't cost extra zenny, just eat some food till the exp bar fills (in your adventure book under cooking > tasting). each alt should aim to run a pet adventure that gets them 2+ chests with 1 pet, The market will shift and you can muck around in the list, but as of the day I wrote this there are a few key adventures. :). The idea of two FO's to kill one mob is just silly with our CD. Move from left to right when it makes sense and you need the damage. When you go to sell the item you will get all the upgrade items and zenny back. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is an open world MMORPG game on mobile based on Ragnarok Online. I think I've been so focused on mino cards (despite knowing I wont get one) that I've ignored learning about other cards that will greatly improve my dmg output. ️Join our Discord! I'll give a quick primer on the things you need to understand to get started in a general order of importance. I'm planning to build a Pure PVP Champion Str: 90+ (99 if no vit) Agi: 1 Vit: (Possibly 30) Int: 23 Dex: 99 Luk: 1 what I can't decide is should I just go for max str and not having any vit. Is there a way to reduce FO cd time. ## Build Setup. The ultimate Ragnarok Mobile guide for Hell Gate / Asura Strike Shura build! Anyway, I'm still monk unlike most (already Champ) ... Ragnarok Mobile Champion Guide on how to solo Boss Hunt. Sebenarnya, ada pula Triple Attack, tapi build ini enggak terlalu populer. Find skill guides, equipment guides, grinding spots, pets, cards, runes, tips, and many more! I aim to use only the most accurate diction. Also contain Type, Target, Range, sp/hp cost, skill requirement and everything you need to know about Finger Offensive. You'll never stop feeling stupid while you do it, if anything screws up its probably somebody else who left a pet on (oh yea, rest your pet) or is standing in the wrong spot. the reason I kinda need high str is probably finger offensive/throw spirit sphere is really deadly against snipers/wizards in pvp. You only need to complete the “Abnormality on 2F” Quest for the rewards. Build pages focus on the underlying theories behind builds so a Player can make changes as they see fit. There are 3 bonuses associated with a card: When a card drops (it wont) you get a permenant stat bonus (probably HP), You can store a card in your book, for a bonus on all your characters (can be better, but still usually HP), The effect it gives you when its slotted on a piece of gear (these are _powerful_). Distance yourself and use finger offensive. There are four things you care about with your adventure book, Cat Ear Beret - (hat with 5% damage) - Adventure Rank D, Ymir Book - Unlimited Respec - Adventure Rank C, There is some other good stuff, but its fairly minor and you can figure it out yourself, There are a few things you need to do while you play to keep it leveled up and get to Rank C in a decent time frame. Urutan Job: Acolyte --> Monk --> Champion. Job Discussion. Don't bother with belief tokens or prayers in the guild hall, not worth it at this point. FO + Investigate is just as fast of exp as a simple 1 shot with FO since we spend most of our time waiting on the CD. This build focuses on single target damage with enough survivability to move and play on your own. I know this guide is not shit just because of 1 term: "Fistable". Investigate is forced raw damage, can't crit, and ignores defence. That being said, by the time you have unlocked Ymir (base level 80+) you probably know enough to make a crit build, if you don't I might have a guide up about it as I play around with it more. I shouldn't have to say that out loud :P. Questing: Do it if you want, the early ones unlock emotes and stuff, and they are generally a great source of exp, but you want to grind your 300-480 first if you're trying to be optimal. Sebenarnya, ada pula Triple Attack, tapi build ini enggak terlalu populer. I think the cooldown gets lowered to 1, and the runes get changed to +10% FO damage instead. Skill effect and description of the skill Finger Offensive in the mmorpg Ragnarok Online. Global Ltd., have worked hard so that Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is now released in English version across Southeast Asia. If you do these things you should get to 25 no problem, you might fill in a gap or two by cooking new dishes, but that should be minimal. – Energy: No more than 500 base. Cooking for mana/hp regen doesn't require tasting, but if you're using it for damage buffs then you need to max tasting so you can have 6 food buffs at once. I'm at level 87 and I'm at a crossroad whether I should stick with crit champ or go FO/Asura route. With our database, you're sure that you're looking at the correct ingame skill descriptions directly from Ragnarok Mobile SEA and Global. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is just a free 10x exp buff for a set amount of exp, Do the daily board quests - If they line up with a mob you're grinding do them at the same time, else wait till you're done grinding and then do them, Rifts - You'll unlock rifts as you explore the world, you can find groups where people all use grails to do them instantly, click your meatballs to make the grail for the specific rift, its silver badges and a chance at accessories, I reccomend you just do the Under water (UW) rift every day, Free food - the Food merchant gives you free food, which is sp/hp regen... grab it. Converters wouldn't help you as investigate doesn't use them, it will always be neutral, food can do a bit, but it won't give you huge bonuses. I'm a cheap ass so I usually leave my character two-shotting Minorus with Investigate without anything but some Warm Food (they're free, after all). What you want to do is get to FO, try to get a Desert Wolf Card when it's low, and scratch/claw your way to being able to kill ridewords with 1 FO + 1 Investigate. Buy peak shard - Go to your guild building and find the vending machine. Get Call Spirits and Zen. Known for the one-hit skill, Guillotine Fist. Level 2 Rune board - You need to farm silver medals and run valhalla on alts, it unlocks a larger rune board that wont be relevant to you for a long time. Rideword (fistable) - These guys are your next big goal, you will have to up your gear, but brigan will sell & the spawn is solid, and they are melee so you can pull them with FO and finish them with an investigate. I'm sure somebody else can help you waste your money. Or no int, and put those point for vit instead. Once you are Level 55 you can complete the Abnormality on 2F Quest for 1x Eternal Rock and 1x Skill Reset Rod. If you really can’t give up on it, you can farm mino when your red stamina or get an isis pet to farm it on your alt; but don’t waste any more of your actual stamina on it ;). To start the quest first head to Pyramid 1F. use this on mobs with high hp (10k or so) that have a weakness to an element(use elemental maces or get an asp from a priest) This skill CAN miss, so only use it on mobs which you … Also contain Type, Target, Range, sp/hp cost, skill requirement and everything you need to know about Finger Offensive. You will then move 4 tiles to the right and use stay alert to stand there, auto attacking the boss and refreshing steel body once it drops. Capital Sewer -Thief Bug Female > requires a pet with 5 intimacy gets you 1 chest with possibly valuable items & Rotten Bandage (don't worry about card, you won't get it), Morroc -Desert Wolf > Desert Wolf Pup + Intimacy 5, The Hard skin is valuable, the chest gives good drops (plus now you get 2), the awakening potions sell well & the card you wont get is both super good for us, and sells well, Payon Forest -Savage > Savage Babe + intimacy 5, 2 chests, shell & now Royal Jelly which is really valuable (the card sucks, but you wont get it), Pyramid 2F -Minotaur > (If Isis is cheap when you play, its god damn expensive now) 2 chest with good drops, Oridecon and gold sand sells well, the card you wont get is 12m +, Glast Heim Outskirt -Ferus > (if Green Petite is affordable) 3 chests with great drops, Hand of God, Great Nature converter, and a decent card that wont drop, this is great if petite is affordable.