It has a highly adjustable seat and wheel, clear switchgear and low running costs. Renault models ordered and registered from 1 February 2018 are covered by a warranty package for up to three years from date of first registration. 2-9-2019: Report of front suspension drop link joints separating and needing replacing on two different Renault Meganes when jacked up to replace the front tyres. And so, equipped with one of the diesels and with a specification that includes the fancy media system, the Megane makes for a very reasonably priced hatchback with a modern look and feel. In 2017, two further engine options will be available. Six highly-efficient engines available at launch have power outputs ranging from 90PS to 205PS, with fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as low as 85.6mpg and 86g/km for the ENERGY dCi 110. Not by much but enough to make a difference, at speeds up to 50mph. Also look at the Renault Megane. There's no backside-based advertising tomfoolery this time around. However, it still had two years to live, so the French brand gave the car one last update to last it through the final couple of years of its life in MK3 model guise. Die um gut 25 Zentimeter gestreckt… Diesel or petrol? At launch there is a choice of four engines on offer – two Energy TCe turbocharged petrol options with capacities and power outputs of 1.2-litres/130hp (manual and EDC) and 1.6-litres/205hp (GT only – EDC). More prosaically, it gets a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating too. It's comfortable, practical and well equipped, and it's a family hatch that takes some beating. Es ist ein Kampf auf verlorenem Posten, aber der neue Renault Mégane (2016) lässt sich den Schneid nicht abkaufen. Doch statt sich in die technologische Übermacht des ewigen Bestsellers ... ... zu fügen und die Rolle als Außenseiter zu akzeptieren, bläst Renault zur Charmeoffensive in der Kompaktklasse und liefert einen überzeugenden Gegenentwurf ... ... zur gefühlskalten Technokratie des deutschen Dauerbrenners. Excellent cabin quality, a superb (and massive) touchscreen infotainment setup, very well priced and equipped, surprisingly quiet diesel engines. Instead it feels like it puts most four-cylinder diesels to shame on the noise suppression front, including one or two found in premium cars. The Mégane Play is £219 a month for 36 months with £3,027 deposit on Renault Selections PCP 3 . Tax/Insurance/Warranty costs. Renault Mégane Grandtour (2016): Preis & Motoren Above that it turns them in the same direction. Its distinctive rear LED daytime running lamp sweep gives the Megane a genuine point of difference out on the road, … The 1.5-litre diesel engine (110PS) was recorded at over 12 times the Euro6 limit for NOx emissions in the 2017 EQUA Index. Renault Megane; Renault Megane 2016; Renault Megane Reviews; Renault Reviews; Renault Hatchback Range; Hatchback; Renault; Small Cars; EXPERT RATING 8 . You could also look at a Volkswagen Golf estate if you'd prefer a slightly plusher interior. This is with thanks to the sleek shape and low weight of the car, weighing from 1,340kg (TCe 130 versions); the engine’s Stop&Start system, which is standard on all manual models; the availability of a double-clutch EDC transmission; an ECO driving mode which optimises the engine’s performance when cruising; the Renault Driving eco 2 feature to help owners adopt a more economical driving style and standard brake energy recovery. Comfort is not only a trick of the suspension, but of the low-set driving position, comfortable chairs, and intuitive cabin ergonomics including a notably high-set gear lever. At this point all the systems failed, then the car shut itself down, applied the electronic handbrake and went dead. Aber wer in den Komfortmodus wechselt, der sieht eben auch gleich ein anderes Cockpit über das Digitaldisplay flimmern, der Innenraum schimmert plötzlich in warmen Farben und der Sitz startet wie von selbst mit einer sanften Massage. Ein schönes Stück Frankreich. The TCe 130 Automatic EDC offers 122 g/km – just 2 grams more than its manual counterpart, while the TCe 205 engine for the GT Nav’s emissions are 134 g/km. Renault Megane BOSE Edition TCe 115 Navi Keyless Klimaau Inserat online seit 10.12.2020, 12:37. Read the definitive Renault Megane 2020 review from the expert What Car? (2017): Motor (Trophy) An Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) six-speed automatic gearbox is available with the dCi 110 and TCe 130 engines. Build dates: 01-06-2017 to 31-01-2017. This is a known fault on this engine. Love it? By 2014, Renault's third generation Megane was getting a little old, having been on sale since 2008. It’s exacerbated by sports seats set up like a Labour Party budget – to provide stability by squeezing the middle. And even without that stuff, the entire driving experience is as refined and generally serene as you’d expect in a car the class above. admin. Read the definitive used Renault Megane 2008 - 2016 review from What Car?. Soz, but there you are. Would suggest that you remove and clean the throttle body (the throttle valve gets stuck because of deposits in the throttle body). Die Kombi kann eine dieser Ausstattungsvarianten haben: LIFE, EXPERIENCE, INTENS und PLAY. Currently running a Kadjar with Renault's 1.6 dCi 130 but 4WD and getting nearly 50mpg. I do 15,000 miles per year - should I buy a diesel or hybrid to get the best economy and least trouble? Renault has widened the track of this Megane compared to the last one. Bei den Benzinern startet die Leistung bei 100 und 130 PS. Lower specification models have a dull cabin, four-wheel steer can feel odd, GT model isn't very exciting. Neuheiten How long is it reasonable to wait for a replacement car? Renault has aimed for comfort with the ride, and mostly found it. Cost of maintenance and repairs. The top-level plastics are Volkswagen-esque in their solidity, while flourishes like thin strip lighting on the inner edges add at least a little charm. Das gilt für das spürbar gereifte Fahrwerk ... ... mit neuen Federn und mehr Spurweite. Tough looks; Excellent ride and handling ; Great engine; What we don't. Im Vergleich mit der Limousine wirkt der Kombi – für uns zumindest – noch eine Spur eleganter als die Limousine. And do so with minimal financial impact. The delay is likely down to the imposition of EU6d TEMP / WLTP emissions regs from 1st September 2018 and subsequently RDE emissions regs from September 2019. GT Nav, developed and engineered by Renault Sport, offers a number of unique-in-class technologies such as 4Control four-wheel steering, Launch Control and Multi-Change Down.. Das gilt für Ausstattungsdetails wie die LED-Scheinwerfer, das Head-Up-Display oder die Assistenzsysteme von der Verkehrszeichenerkennung bis zum Notbremsradar. For example, the Megane’s 434-litre boot is significantly larger than the SEAT Leon’s 380-litre space, yet a quite small opening and a high loading lip almost seem to shrink it back down. Engineers from BOSE worked in close co-operation with their counterparts at Renault to optimise the integration of the nine speakers, subwoofer and digital amplifier so that the sound is precise, balanced, tailor-engineered and crystal clear. Renault Mégane Grandtour TCe 115 GPF, Benzin, 85 kW: Gesamtverbrauch (l/100 km): innerorts: 6,5; außerorts: 4,5; kombiniert: 5,3; CO2-Emissionen kombiniert (g/km): 120*. Video 15. Aktuelle Themen; Spannende Produkttests; Weitere Tests & Produktwissen. In this final form, this Gallic family hatchback was a smarter proposition - in more ways than one. It does the maths on petrols, diesels and electric cars to show which is best suited to you. Renault Mégane (2016) Autos. And unlike so many infotainment screens, this one is both pretty and easy to use. The 1.5-litre and 1.6-litre dCi units both put out just 96g/km CO2, returning averages of 76.4mpg and 68.9mpg respectively. Nissan Qashqai key stuck in ignition - how can I remove it? The recovery man tried to put a new fuse into the electronic box by the battery and it blew a 50 - 70amp fuse. GT-Line Nav includes a wider lower air intake with a honeycomb-pattern mesh is flanked by lateral scoops, ark metal 17- or 18-inch alloy wheels, door mirror housings that match the finish on the front air scoops and rear diffuser, Acantara sports front seats, blue top-stitching and a chequered logo and an exclusive Iron Blue paint option. The company plays things safer these days, aiming to avoid controversy and instead give buyers the sort of conservative solidity that makes the Volkswagen Golf so consistently popular. One, a 2016 1.5 dCi 110 auto at 25,000 miles. However, it tends to be that the cleverer the Megane tries to be, the worse it becomes. The driver seat incorporates a massage function. Models registered up to and including 31 January 2018 are still covered by a four-year warranty package. What we like. Dynamique S Nav includes 17-inch diamond-cut alloys, rear parking camera with front and rear parking sensors, extra tinted windows to the rear and tailgate and the unique-in-class 8.7-inch portrait touchscreen R-Link multimedia system. All engines are relatively frugal, making the Megane cheap to tax. This time there was also lots of clutch smell. Bis zur B-Säule ist er mit ersterer quasi identisch: Das Heck hingegen ähnelt eher dem Mittelklassekombi Talisman Grandtour. Das beginnt beim Design, das sich eher am Scirocco als am Golf orientiert: Kräftig und knackig, ... ... muskulös und mit deutlichen Rundungen, lebt es von heißer Leidenschaft und nicht von scharfen Linien. 1.3 TCE 140 Iconic 5dr Hatchback. So viel Wert Renault auf ... ... solche "Soft-Skills", solche weichen Faktoren legt, so viel Mühe haben sich die Franzosen auch bei der Hardware gegeben. Advise the insurer you wish to raise a chief executive complaint. Sondern viel mehr, weil Renault ganz bewusst seine eigenen Wege geht: Der große Touchscreen in der Mittelkonsole, den man schon ... ... von Espace oder Talisman kennt, liegt deshalb nicht quer im Cockpit, sondern steht senkrecht. Every Megane comes with a six-speed manual as standard, while a six-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic is optional. Und weil den Franzosen 3,3 Liter für den sparsamsten Selbstzünder noch zu viel sind, bringen sie den Mégane 2017 erstmals als Diesel-Hybrid, der die Drei-Liter-Marke knacken soll. The fourth-generation Megane was sketched up under the leadership of Renault's chief penman Laurens van den Acker, and manages to be unusual, handsome, feline and non-confrontational, all at the same time. The range of engines is a demonstration of the gains being made generally in fuel efficiency - even the 205PS turbo engine of the GT model, which gets the car to 62mph in 7.1 seconds, emits just 134g/km of CO2. In fact, it gets plenty as standard, including air conditioning, alloy wheels, electric windows all round, cruise control, Isofix, LED daytime running lights and – get this – an ‘F1 style’ fuel filler cap, which over the life of the car could mean up to five seconds less time spent standing on an Esso forecourt. So gefühlvoll war in der Golf-Klasse bislang noch kein Auto. Real MPG was created following thousands of readers telling us that their cars could not match the official figures. Loath it? Not sure what year but have assumed 2003 onwards. Richard Berry previews the new 2016 Renault Megane with specs, fuel consumption and verdict. I got 63mpg delivering a 2010 Auris hybrid 300 miles, so reckon on 50-60mpg from one of them with no DPF trouble. The 1.5 diesel engine (90PS) was recorded at over eight times the Euro6 limit for NOx emissions. So reicht der Hubraum nur von 1,2 bis 1,6 Liter, es beginnt bei einem 90 PS-Diesel und einem Benziner mit 100 PS. Comfortable and refined. Like a BBC News 24 anchor. TRI AG Automobile (16) DE-76547 Sinzheim, Händler. New Renault Megane diesel 2016 review New diesel-powered Renault Megane is stylish and comfortable, but can it keep up with the class best? Usefully large boot with underfloor storage, comfortable and easy to drive, impressive TCe petrol engines,... Can you suggest a family car for London and occasional longer drives? This novel horizontal signature helps to accentuate the car’s width. Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now. Overall reliability. Looking for a Renault Megane (2016 on)?Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now. calculator. Denn selbst wenn er vielleicht nicht ganz an die Berechenbarkeit und Bestimmtheit eines Golfs und die Sportlichkeit eines Focus heran kommt, kann der neue Renault Mégane mit Astra & Co gut mithalten, wirkt lebendiger als die Japaner und erwachsener als Peugeot 308 oder Citroen C4.