Why do both ankles ache at night? December 11, 2016 at 3:24 pm Dear Michelle, I recommend you see your doctor to see if it is plantar fasciitis and you should follow the treatment protocols in this article. Over time, you start to feel fatigue and pain in your feet. You feel burning because the nerves in your feet have been affected by your diabetes. There are a number of reasons why your feet might swell at night, but the three most common ones are: being too warm, not drinking enough water during the day, and having varicose veins.. Apply ice for 15 to 20 minutes, 3 or 4 times per day to reduce swelling. 4. The peripheral nerves of hands and feet are often affected in diabetic patients. Legs cramps in the evening can happen at any time and can be extremely painful. A recent study confirmed that people on medication for neuropathy reported their pain was the worst around 11 p.m. Reasons Why Nerve Pain is Worse at Night. Why you get itchy feet at night when they don't bother you all day, and what to do to take the itch away (and get to sleep, already). do u? Why do my hands and feet swell at night. Do stretching exercises that involve your feet and lower leg muscles, a few times a day. "Painful neuropathy" is a term used to describe diabetic feet that are painful without an obvious cause. Why do my feet hurt at night and not in the daytime? Neuropathy in feet may be worse at night because there are fewer distractions at night. People suffering from diabetes may feel cold sensation at night in their limbs. Peripheral Neuropathy. when i get up in the morning though and seems nothings wrong. These types of leg cramps might wake somebody up … My feet are numb my toes don't move on both feet and are numb now I've started having cramps in both feet all day everyday on and off every 5 minutes the pain is also in my ankles and calfs at night I can't sleep because of the cramps I also have sciatic pain I'm on hydrocodone for pain I'm getting another MRI SOON My feet,esp, toes & upper foot, burn,sting,are red & painful at night,even to point of bringing me to tears. Recent labs showed that my levels were off and my Synthroid was increased. My four year old daughter's "feet hurt" too! I’ve been going to a pain clinic for about four years with not much help. Why do my feet get so hot at night. 1. There might be an underlying cause behind it, so it is best to take a look at it. They feel like someone is stabbing me or burning my legs. Why my feet hurt. Why do my feet swell up at night. American Diabetes Association. Why Legs Hurt only Nighttime? My left heel is stiff in the am, but after walking a few minutes it seems fine. Pain in toe with a varying degree of severity can be due to many underlying health problems. Why do my feet burn at night when I'm trying to go to sleep? Had a complete Thyroidectomy about 8 years ago. Pain can be constant or episodic, meaning it comes and goes. Vitamin D is still too low. I’m going to try to find a place to help me with my diet. what could be the issue? So, for Part I, we will focus on the causes of itching feet and for Part II, we will focus on why your feet itch at night. We’ve all been there: after a night on the dance floor in those cute (but killer) heels, your feet are aching all over. Many people experience swollen feet at night – particularly those with less active lifestyles. If you think that your varicose veins hurt more at night, you are probably not imagining this. why do my feet hurt only at night? ok well this has been happening for the past month. 3 Answers. I do have arthritis,high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure. Why do my feet itch at night. I've thought maybe growing pains, but they aren't supposed to last so long.. and ONLY hurt at night. Zocdoc › Answers › Why do I have swollen feet at night that include my toes and ankles? Although most people who have tooth problems often face this issue, they are unaware of the underlying problem. Cold feet and hands may be due to hypotension. Relevance. My feet hurt so much I cry sometimes at night and get no sleep. Why Do I Get Pain In My Toe At Night & How To Get Rid Of It? Usually, the day-time distractions might be the reason why the neuropathy does not seem to cause as much trouble during the day as it causes at night.