Fruity Delight 300mg Cartridge


(2 customer reviews)


  • .5 grams Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate
  • Cannabis Derived Terpenes
Organic CBD Made in America
Third Party Lab Certified for Quality & Purity
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Why Use the Pure Touch Botanicals Fruity Delight Cartridge?

Pure Touch Botanicals CBD cartridges are produced using Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, responsibly sourced from a licensed and compliant Hemp Farm in the USA. Each batch is independently tested for purity and potency. The CBD in our cartridges are extracted specifically for Pure Touch Botanicals so that we may offer the highest quality and integrity in our products.  Pure Touch Botanicals CBD cartridges contain NO THC.

Pure Touch Botanicals CBD cartridges are pre-filled to .5 grams, fit on 510 threaded vaporizers, and are available in Sativa, Indica and Hybrid varieties. Each cartridge is filled by hand at Pure Touch Botanicals’ facility to ensure the accuracy, consistency and purity the Pure Touch Botanicals brand is known for.


Born in
the USA

Our cartridges are made from organic hemp grown and processed in America. All come from the same strains ensuring product uniformity and consistency.



No fillers, no dyes, no binders, no excipients, no GMOs. Third party certified for purity. Made by us in Arizona to the strictest production and quality control standards.



We stand by Pure Touch Botanicals CBD cartridges 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Send you new products. Whatever it takes.



Enjoy same day order fulfillment and free shipping on orders over $75 anywhere in the continental USA. It’s fast, it’s easy and – best of all – it’s free!



Organic hemp and a superior production process result in Pure Touch Botanicals CBD cartridges that are effectively absorbed by your body for fast, long-lasting relief.

Weight 0.4 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 3 × 0.6 in


Our Ingredients

All-Natural Ingredients

At Pure Touch Botanicals, all ingredients used in our products is of natural origin. No artificial dyes, scents, parabens, GMOs or toxins. It’s all natural!

Our Purity Standards

All Pure Touch Botanicals products are rigorously and repeatedly tested by third parties for quality and purity and all are made by Pure Touch Botanicals right here in America.

Our Safety Standards

The Pure Touch Botanicals Safety Assurance Process ensures the safety and quality of the products we make. Our products exceed all CBD product safety standards.

We Keep Out the Stuff You Don’t Want In

Most flavored CBD tinctures contain oils (especially essential oils) not designed for human consumption. Can you believe that? And many are made from crops grown on non-licensed farms using harmful pesticides and other chemicals. You don’t have to worry about pesticides or non-consumable oils getting into Pure Touch Botanicals CBD tinctures. We make no compromises in our formulas. No THC. No GMOs. No pesticides or harmful chemicals. Just all-natural goodness.

Try a Pure Touch Botanicals CBD tincture today!


Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Pure Touch Botanicals CBD Cartridges:

Q: Why is the Pure Touch Botanicals CBD cartridge better than other brands?

A: Our regulated production process in Arizona follows strict production protocols to ensure product purity and efficacy. Pure Touch Botanicals CBD cartridges are designed not to leak. You get measured doses of CBD in a tempered glass 510 threaded cartridge.

Q: What size is the container?

A: .5 grams which is about 530 puffs or 58 pulls.

Q: How much THC is in the Pure Touch Botanicals CBD Inhaler?

A: 0% THC. There is no THC in our cartridges

Q: What is the shelf life of the product?

A: About 18 months depending upon how you store the product.

Q: How should I store the Pure Touch Botanicals CBD Cartridge?

A: This product should be stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Q: How often can I use the Pure Touch Botanicals CBD Cartridge?

A: Use as needed.

Lab Test Results

Download the PDF file .

2 reviews for Fruity Delight 300mg Cartridge

  1. Gene Patton

    This vape is amazing! I was searching for all natural CBD vape cartridge. I looked at several brands online and decided that since I had previously purchased a CBD inhaler from Vapen, I’d give them another try. The price is very reasonable, other sotes I looked at wanted $50+ and most didn’t say where the oil was sourced.
    This vape being pure CBD distillate is awesome! I suffer from hemiplegic migraines, and the side effects suck! I get Supra’s in my left eye that makes me go blind, severe headache, my limbs feel weak, and my speech begins to slur and I can’t speak properly. I started to get a migraine yesterday while out of state with my family, I took 1 long draw off of this cartridge, and holy Moses! Within a few seconds the pain and symptoms began to subside, I was able to enjoy the rest of my day with about an hour and a half long mild high one experiences from CBD. When I say that I mean I just felt very calm and relaxed, and my migraine didn’t come back.

    Notes on the Cartridge:
    The cartridge mates up directly to my cheap generic pen vape. The vape was very smooth with only a mild cough, due to it being pure distillate with no unhealthy additives. The taste was very intense at first, but it quickly went away. The odor was non existent. I vaped in the car and my wife and kids couldn’t even smell it when I exhaled.

    Notes on the Vapen Team:
    I had some issues getting my order placed. I called Vapen and Carlo was extremely helpful. He and the rest of the Vapen team worked very hard to get the issue resolved, and they did absolutely everything to make the situation right. I honestly owe the great Saturday I had with my family to this team! Without their help I would of been in extreme pain, and would of had to purchase a cheap crappy Vape/Head Shop CBD. Thank you to everyone at Vapen, you are all amazing!

  2. Adam

    This is my 3rd strain I’ve tried from vapen.Ive also tried the Durban Poison and Paris OG.The aroma and taste is like the name a box of fruity pebbles cereal,but in a natural fresh fruity cannabis version.This vape was the most flavorful for me.It was recomended for afternoon use being a hybrid and I agree.I took a few puffs and instantly relaxed,anxiety vanished,and was very talkative with wife like I drank coffee.This strain didn’t seem to make me tired at all which is what I wanted.This works for me after work on way home to relax but also get things done when I get home.If you want something to wind down for bed I’d recommend the Paris OG.Great job Vapen.The strain specific terpenes really do add to the medicinal effects of these vapes.

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"Loved your CBD mango lotion! Smooth on the skin with no greasy feeling. I’ll order more!"

Emily P. – Scottsdale, Arizona