Subscribe to Blog via Email. There is no prompt to select a cutting border or extension edge for the operation. When COMMANDPREVIEW system variable is on, an interactive preview of the command outcome is shown. Upload or insert images from URL. You can correct that by simply typing TRIMMODE on the command line and set the value to 1. This fixed the issue for some users. If the field displays **VARIES**, they are at differing heghts and therefor are not coplanar. ... 2012. i want to create a grid of points with easting and northing. It was possible in older versions of Autocad (i.e Autocad 2004). I would have used the REVCLOUD command to highlight the area and adjust the arc radius to something larger. You can get around this by using the PROJECT and EDGE options at the command line. Paste as plain text instead, × Clear editor. My trim command (one of my most used commands) isn't working properly. When using the TRIM command in AutoCAD, attempting to select an object to trim yields the message "does not intersect with the cutting edge". Don't get either of those. You cannot do much without it. Extend command does not work; Extend command does not work. AutoCAD 2010 :: Extend Command Doesn't Work Mar 10, 2012. i have manually created a point but when i use array command it does not work properly. TRIMMODE system variable. Hint: Set and use OSnaps. If your AutoCAD product has the FLATTEN command, that's one method to ensure that the objects are on the same plane. ... Hey, since some weeks i'm not able to start autocad. Lines are not actually lines - Again select the entities in question and check the drop down box at the top of the properties palette. I have also tried to Explode with no luck. It sounds like yours is set to "No Trim". Press and hold Shift while selecting the objects to be extended.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Same goes for the Fillet command. Burner, February 13, 2009 in AutoCAD 2D Drafting, Object Properties & Interface. What does TRIM mean in AutoCAD I am having difficulty using my Trim and Extend tool. Set SHORTCUTMENU system variable to 11 (default): Type in SHORTCUTMENU on the command line, and select Enter. By The TRIM command in AutoCAD is one of the most used commands when working in two dimensions and is by far the first command anyone should learn from the MODIFY section of the commands in AutoCAD for this simple reason: You are clearly not going far without the TRIM command. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. How to use the AutoCAD stretch command? i can't use window selection in trim command. For Civil 3d Users – When I right-click on an object there is no Civil 3D functionality?   Pasted as rich text. The trouble seems to be when Dynamic Input is turned off and you establish the same reference point.   Your previous content has been restored. How to use Scale Command in Autocad? Select objects or